small kid // big dreams

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my dream is to go to Disneyland on Halloween someday. it needs to happen

Six months.

These next six months will determine the rest of my life.

It feels as though I’ve been through so much, but I have barely started my journey.

I just need to regain my passion.

How do I do that? I have no clue. But I must.

The world is not fair. I will never understand how it works.

I must accept that. I must accept that I can never be normal.

I MUST not let my carnal lust overtake my desire for greatness.

The time is now.

I must regain my spirituality, living in a materialist world is slowly destroying my mental state.

Yet every interaction is a reminder of the harsh reality of life, I NEED to rise above it.

Just for today.

Just for now.

It will all be okay soon enough.

I need to re-program myself.

I am ready.